2020 Valley Deaf Festival (VDF)

Welcome to 2019 Valley Deaf Festival: DHHSC & The Candy Factory!

For vendors who wish to have booth at Valley Deaf Festival, please do of these followings and turn in those before you come to the event:


VDF 2019 Terms and Conditions

VDF 2019 Reservation Form

VDF 2019 Exhibitor’s Letter


A payment for reservation of booth at VDF which you can pay online here:

VDF Vendor options
For questions/concerns about reserving a booth, please contact our VDF Exhibit Committee Shelley Stout 559-578-4117 or email her shelleys@dhhsc.org.

For questions/concerns about sponsoring the VDF event, please contact Michelle Bronson 559-578-4117 or email her michelleb@dhhsc.org.

Hope to see you there!