Advisory Council Members

 Each of our offices has a Deaf Services Advisory Council (DSAC), made up of members from our local community.  We maintain a 51% or more percentage of Deaf or Hard of Hearing members on each council.  Our members represent you, the community, expressing your needs and/or concerns at each DSAC meeting.  We are always seeking new members to join each DSAC, so if you have an interest in serving your community, let us know!

Members are voted in after nominations are made.

– Summary of AC –

Meets at least 4 times a year

Represents the community

Shares the community’s concerns with DHHSC in meetings

Meets online through Zoom that lasts about 1 hour

Must live in our service area

For more information about what the DSAC members’ responsibilities are, interested in joining, and more, please contact Jesse Lewis at