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Phone: 559-225-3382

Emergency Interpreting Services: 559-375-0902


5340 N. Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93710


Interpreting requests should be submitted only to ISCC. Please use the form below.

Thank you for your understanding.





Requests for interpreting services should be directed to Interpreting Services of Central California one to two weeks prior to the assignment, if possible.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Time, date, and location of the assignment
  • Names of the persons involved both deaf and hearing
  • Name and phone number of a contact person
  • Nature of the assignment (legal, medical, interview, etc.)
  • Name and address of the agency/person responsible for payment
  • PO#, Medical Record #, Cost Center #, or other contract information




You can fill out the form on the right panel of this page and submit or contact ISCC at 559-225-3382 or directly e-mailing the information above to

In some areas, there is a standard one-hour minimum for interpreting services. In others, the minimum is two hours. Please ask what the minimum during your request.  After the minimum, time is billed in half-hour increments.  Mileage is only billed for jobs that may require an interpreter to travel out of town. If mileage is charged we will charge at $0.585 per mile round trip.

For assignments lasting two hours or more, two interpreters may be scheduled depending on the situation.   Two interpreters will be assigned for depositions regardless of the projected length of the deposition.

“NO-SHOWs” (appointment changed or cancelled or consumer does not ‘show up’) are billed as completed assignments unless DHHSC is notified of cancellation/changes 24 hours in advance regardless of who is responsible for payment.

At times there may be the need for a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) to work in conjunction with the hearing interpreter. A CDI is an individual who is deaf or hard of hearing and has received specialized training to interpret for consumers that have communication styles that are so unique they cannot receive adequate communication access with the use of a hearing interpreter alone.




Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, all public and private agencies are responsible for the providing effective communication, which includes interpreting services, in order to ensure equal participation for their clients. It is the responsibility of the public or private agency and the consumer/s involved to arrange for payment of interpreting services prior to the assignment date.

Billing information should be provided at the time request is made to the interpreter coordinator. Billing and payment may be managed through the mail, credit card, or electronic fund transfer. Invoices will be mailed on a regular basis and are due and payable on the date received.

Please include the invoice number with your payment.




For requests/billing, contact: Kimberly Glenn, Interpreting Coordinator
For billing, contact: Catherine Murphy, Intake & Resource Specialist
For any concerns, contact: Harvey Bradley, Services Personnel Director (Direct Supervisor)

Only NAD, RID, or NIC certified or qualified pre-certified interpreters will be dispatched to assignments, unless otherwise requested.  Our goal is to provide quality interpreting services to the community.   DHHSC is an agency which supports the growth of new/intern interpreters.  Interns may be present on assignments to observe or work directly with clients.

Revised: May 2017
Policies effective May 22, 2014

Interpreting Request Form

Interpreter Request Form (PDF version)


Print out the form here: Interpreter Request Form.  Fill out, scan and send it in email message to, mail to ISCC, drop it off at DHHSC Fresno Headquarters, or call ISCC directly.

Interpreter Preference Form

Print out the form here: Interpreter Preference Form.  Fill out, scan, and send it in email message to, mail to ISCC, drop it off at DHHSC Fresno Headquarters, or call ISCC directly.

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