Employment Services

DHHSC offers a variety of Employment Services, so we have created a separate page to outline what we provide, including through contracts with outside organizations.

Here are the outlines:

  • DHHSC offices all offer Job Development and Placement services through our contract with the Department of Social Services – Office of Deaf Access. These comprehensive services include assistance with developing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, job search, placement assistance, job retention training, and more. We do not have an Employment Specialist funded by DSS, so services are provided on a limited basis.
  • Through Wagner Peyser grant funding, DHHSC and America’s Job Center of California are proud partners in providing employment services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. These services are similar to what we provide under DSS funding, but we have a full-time Employment Specialist and a full-time ASL Staff Interpreter, both housed in the local AJCC (EDD office). To receive services through EDD, please contact our Employment Specialist, Viridiana Alvarez, by videophone at 559-478-2735 or by e-mail at viridiana.alvarez@edd.ca.gov. The AJCC’s address is 3302 N. Blackstone Street, Suite #155, Fresno, CA 93726.
  • See the brochures for more information:

      EDD Brochure (Front)

      EDD Brochure (Back)

  • We also refer clients to the Department of Rehabilitation for additional services. For more information, please contact them.

       Fresno/Visalia areas:

          Brian Chambers (Team Manager)

          Email: brian.chambers@dor.ca.gov; Phone: 559-445-6038

          Stephanie Perez (Rehabilitation Counselor) 

          Email: stephanie.perez@dor.ca.gov; Phone: 559-444-2565

          Devin Puente (Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf)

          Email: devin.puente@dor.ca.gov; Phone: 559-445-6011

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