Deaf Role Models

Welcome to our Deaf Role Models page!


The reason behind this page is that there are many Deaf children who do not know what job they want to do when they grow up.

This is due to a lack of availability of Deaf Role Models. Some children do not live in big cities with a large Deaf Community nor do they have the opportunity to question Deaf professionals about their careers. Some children doubt their abilities just because they are Deaf.

No more of this self-doubt!  Let’s connect with and inspire these children so they can succeed!  Hence, DHHSC’s motto of Connect.  Inspire.  Succeed.

So, if you are a Deaf filmmaker, math teacher, hairdresser, construction worker, graphic designer, or in ANY type of profession, please contact Jesse Lewis at There are different ways you can meet this enormous need. You can make a vlog describing your profession or take the time to Skype or Facetime with these kids so they can ask you questions in regards to your profession. It can also be about a cool profession you once had years ago and you want to share this experience with them. This is for anyone who is interested in contributing valuable time with these kids. We want to show them that the opportunities, possibilities in this world are interminable!

Please select four or more questions to include in your presentation/vlog. Please feel free to include as much information about yourself and employment experiences as you would like. Presentations are limited to three (3) minutes maximum.

1. Introduce yourself:  Name, education, background, mode of communication, and where you are from.
2. What is your employment title and what do you do?
3. Who was your role model when you were growing up?  How did this person impact you?
4. Which subjects in school/college benefited you to do the job that you have today?
5. What motivated you to choose your career?
6. How and why did you choose your career?
7. What are the most important character traits you think someone should possess?
8. What is your favorite or least favorite part about your job?
9. How has your job enabled you to grow as a person and expanded your life?
10. What advice would you give to our students pursuing their interests, dreams, and/or goals?