Special Programs and Projects

Special Programs and Projects

Literacy Program

Our Fresno Headquarter office offers a Literacy Program, which is designed to increase independence and strengthen communication skills, with a focus on improving ASL/English skills for employment, academia, and life in general. The focus is on math and English skills, ASL tutoring for communication practice, academic challenges clients may be facing, budgeting, prioritizing tasks and responsibilities, time-management skills, and more. Each client’s needs are accommodated to ensure all clients are able to learn and understand through many different methods of communication devices and applications.  All clients are served on a one-on-one basis.  LINK

deSIGN Artists United

Unlike other local classes, our deSIGN Artists United workshops are facilitated in American Sign Language, providing our clients with a very accessible environment for creating art.

Family Services Program

Reaching Out and Communicating with our Kids (ROCK)

This program provides direct services to families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Our staff conduct home visits with the intent to improve communication within the home, with ASL instruction being a key component. Services can be adapted to fit the needs of each family, within reason. This has, in the past, been funded by both Bank of Sierra and DHHSC fundraising. Currently funded by DHHSC on a limited basis. We continue to seek grant funds and welcome donations.

Youth Employment Services (YES!)

Presentations/activities with Deaf and Hard of Hearing high school students to prepare them for life after high school, specifically regarding employment and/or higher education. This program’s capability changes with funding. Currently funded by both DHHSC and Fansler Foundation.

Current Grant-Funded Programs

Tech Time for the Central Coast Outreach Office

Funded by Harden Foundation

Description: This program provides both monthly in-person workshops in our Central Coast Outreach office and online workshops through Zoom for Deaf and Hard of Hearing residents of Monterey County of all ages. Each month, we will focus on different technologies that will benefit their lives. Attendees will learn how to use apps responsibly, maximize their benefits, and avoid certain pitfalls. Topics include how to use Uber, order food through apps, find bus routes on their phones, protect their identity online, and use social media in ways that do not compromise their safety.

Deaf Thrive for Fresno Headquarters, South Valley Outreach, and Merced Outreach offices

Funded By Fansler Foundation

Description: This program provides additional ROCK, YES, and Literacy services as described above in the Family Services Program section.

ASL Friends for the Merced Outreach Office

Funded by First 5 of Merced County

Description: This program ASL instruction to any Merced County children aged 0 to 5 and their parents. Classes are offered at varied locations and are open.

PRAISE-KODAtime for the Fresno Headquarters

Funded by First 5 of Fresno County

Description: This program provides workshops for Deaf and Hard of Hearing parents with KODAs ages 0 – 5. Sessions include both parent education and activities for the kids that support language skills development.

Deaf Strong for the South Valley Outreach Office

Funded by United Way of Tulare County

Description: This program provided monthly webinars on financial topics to Deaf attendees and a monthly support group for parents with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.  Examples of topics included Learning to Budget Your Money, Discussion with Parents regarding Struggles and Achievements, The Pitfalls of Credit Debt, and How to Avoid Getting in Debt.

D-Well for the Central Coast Outreach Office

Funded by Stevenson (School)

With the support of a grant from Stevenson, DHHSC will be able to offer our D-WELL program, providing health-relevant community education services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals living in Monterey County. The program will last from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024.