COVID-19 Resources

*This page focuses on resources we collect from various sources relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus).*

For questions/concerns, email Alexander Sanborn, Public Relations/Outreach Specialist,

Protecting everyone’s health is of utmost importance to us.

DHHSC Public Announcements

Tax Day Extended To July 15, 2020.

Read the statement here.

Statement to be read on March 30th.

This picture on the left shows which state issed an “stay-at-home” order.
Read the news from CNN about it here.

Updated List of Places as of 3/24/2020

Click on any icon and link below to view the website page/vlogs.

Center For Disease Control

California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

World Health Organization

Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

ASL Videos On COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Various Sources Related To COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

California School for the Deaf, Fremont

American Public Health Organization

Equal Empolyment Opportunity Comission (EEOC)

National Deaf Center

Georgia Department of Public Health

The Deaf Health Charity – SIGNHEALTH

Minnesota Department of Health

**These are not complete exhaustive set.  As more resources becomes available, we’ll post it here.**