Advisory Council Bylaws

Each of DHHSC’s 4 offices has a Deaf Services Advisory Council (DSAC) to represent the community. Each DSAC has 4 elected members. During even-numbered years, the community has the opportunity to vote for new members to fill any vacant seats on the DSAC. In odd-numbered years, the DSAC members may fill a vacancy without a community vote.

The by-laws include a section about the DSAC members’ responsibilities. Here’s the key information you need to know:

Each DSAC member must:

a) Attend at least fifty percent of the DSAC meetings, held a minimum of 6 times per year.
b) Attend area committee meetings, whose purpose is to bring issues to and provide follow up for the
c) Attend at least 50% of informal event planning meetings, which will be separate from DSAC
meetings and not limited to DSAC members, for community education events and fundraising.
d) Advise DHHSC staff about current trends and needs in the community for D/HOH individuals
through monthly written reports to the Project Director of DHHSC.
e) Assist DHHSC in community education events and fundraising.
f) Inform D/HOH individuals in the community about DHHSC programs and services.
g) Provide input on prospective members who have submitted applications to join the Board of
h) Collaborate in a constructive manner with DHHSC Staff and Board.
i) Update any changes in DSAC membership contact information immediately and send to the
Project Director of DHHSC.
j) Participate in at least 4 Deaf Community events held at DHHSC per year.
k) Develop the Standard Operating Procedures for the DSAC and send a copy to the Project
Director of DHHSC as well as to the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

(current as of May 2014)

If you are interested in joining the DSAC in your area, you must submit a letter of interest to Jesse Lewis, the Project Director (e-mail jessel (at) dhhsc (dot) org) and attend the next Town Hall Meeting (also called Community Comments or Community Chat) for the election.