In Memory Of Three Wonderful Pillars of DHHSC

and Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Jovette McCallon

Jovette, a longtime supporter, passed away in March 2021.

At the request of McCallon Family, donations to DHHSC in lieu of flowers are greatly appreciated.

Paul Barnett

Paul Barnett, a longtime employee for over 30 years, passed away in December 2020.

DHHSC is working with Paul’s family to decide how best to use donations in Paul’s memory.

Wayne Johnson

Wayne, a longtime employee of DHHSC Central Coast Outreach, passed away in April 2021.

At the request of his executor, donations to DHHSC are greatly appreciated.

Any donation you make will be in honor of these amazing pillars.
Click the button and insert the name of the pillar you want to honor with a donation.  Thank you!
For more information and/or questions, contact us at DHHSC Fresno HQ.