Special Programs

Welcome to Special Programs!

Here are the current grant-funded programs as of August 1, 2019.

For questions, contact your local DHHSC office.

Family Services Programs

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This program provides direct services to families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Our service provider conducts home visits to work with families on improving communication within the home, with ASL instruction being the key component. Services can be adapted to fit the needs of each family, within reason. This program has been funded in the past by both Bank of Sierra and DHHSC’s fundraisers and is currently funded by DHHSC on a limited basis. We continue to seek regular funding and welcome donations.

Our staff provide presentations/activities to Deaf/HH high school students to prepare them for life after high school, specifically regarding employment. This program’s capability changes with funding.

Grant-Funded Programs

These programs are funded by various organizations that goes toward in supporting D/HH Community.

This program is divided into three service categories from our Family Services Program–Literacy, ROCK, and YES programs–that are intended to assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth thrive in life. Deaf Thrive also includes funding for our Family Day, YES! Job Awareness Fair, and Deaf Prom events.

This program provides American Sign Language instruction to children in Merced County ages 0 to 5 in local preschools.

Our focus is to improve accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing community members at various organizations and businesses, such as hospitals, law centers, police departments, and more.  In addition to systems advocacy, we provide a self-advocacy workshop.

Unlike other local classes, our deSIGN Artists United workshops are facilitated in American Sign Language, providing our clients with a very accessible environment for creating art. This version of the program is currently funded by Central California Women’s Conference.  It focuses on women and children, to honor the terms of the grant funding.