Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center
Strategic Plan 2016-2020
  1. Increase awareness of the concept of Deafhood in our community
    • We will arrange for educational training sessions for community members on the subject of Deafhood.
    • We will support each individual’s Deafhood journey as much as possible.
    • We will apply for funding for Deafhood classes to be provided locally.
  2. Provide system advocacy training to first responders such as law enforcement, fire departments, hospitals, and county social services
    • Prioritizing hospitals, we will increase our outreach to local community services in order to provide system advocacy on behalf of the community we serve.
    • Due to high turnover in Child Protective Services (CPS) departments, we will offer ongoing Deaf-sensitivity training.
  3. Boost awareness of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center through improved PR efforts
    • Emphasize to all current and future staff, Board members, and advisory council members that each of us is a “walking, talking (signing) PR machine.”
    • Further investigate the possibility of renting a billboard to advertise our services.
    • Investigate new possible strategies to raise our visibility in the community.
    • Work to increase the number of community partnerships.
  4. Improve the accessibility of DHHSC’s website
    • We will work to increase the number of video blogs (vlogs) that we post on the website, which are in American Sign Language, the more accessible language for our community. The videos will also be closed-captioned rather than subtitled, since closed-captions are more accessible to reading devices used by Deaf Blind community members.
    • We will improve our consistency with updating Board member rosters and Board meeting minutes.
    • We will ensure that flyers for upcoming events are more consistently viewable on the home page of the website.
  5. Provide more activity-oriented events for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Senior Citizens
    • At the request of our Deaf Senior citizens, we will work with local leaders to plan trips that support their goals of enlarging and enriching their life experiences.
    • At the request of some Deaf Senior citizens, we will find volunteers to teach new games for the local Deaf Seniors to play during their weekly socials at our Headquarters, which improve their sense of community and desire to learn new things.
    • We will increase the frequency of workshops targeted to the life issues of our Deaf Seniors.
  6. Provide services for young children of Deaf adults (KODAs)
    • At the request of parents, we will plan and facilitate more events specifically for KODAs.
    • We will set up a support group for KODAs.