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*IMPORTANT NOTICE: AB 1850 has folded into AB 2257* (As of 7/31/20)

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Read the AB 2257 here (recent), same bill from the old AB 1850 which it still can be found here.

Read the full text of AB5 from State of California here.

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Note From AB5 Coalition

Wow! What a process. Today the author of AB 5, Lorena Gonzalez, met with the Senate Labor, Public Employment, and Retirement Committee to present her clean-up bill AB 2257. We did a great job representing our fields today. Thank you everyone for your hard work and coming together to do it. We had pretty well-distributed representation across the state.

Thank you to all the interpreters and members of the Deaf community for your many letters, emails, and calls requesting an exemption for sign language interpreters and captioners. We were heard!!!!

While the AB 2257 with amendments will not be made public until Friday, Senator Mitchell pressed Lorena Gonzalez specifically about ASL interpreters. Lorena Gonzalez stated certified ASL interpreters will be able to continue to work as independent contractors with referral agencies. However, we need to read the amended language in her amendment to define our next steps.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this community effort to retain a model of serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in a way that is efficient and allows for consumer choice. The AB 5 Coalition made calls, met with legislative aides, staff, political analysts, and even Lorena Gonzalez herself. This appears to be a nice step in the right direction!!  (Unfortunately, we won’t really know until we see the printed bill.)

AB 2257 will move to the Appropriations Committee next. We are not done yet, we will need to keep the pressure on, keep our message in front of them. We will send out information as the process unfolds.

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Note from AB5 Coalition

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