Core Services

DHHSC offers the core services listed below. See the brief description for each service, and please contact us if you would like more information! We would be more than happy to explain our services in detail.

Advocacy Services

We will work with you to ensure equal access and participation in all services and programs in the community. We can explain what rights you have according to laws that protect you, such as the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Communication Services (including Interpreting)

Need someone to help you make some telephone calls? We can interpret calls for you by voice or TTY. Looking for an interpreter? Call us today and we will find an interpreter for your communication needs.

Independent Living Skills Instruction

Want to learn how to be more independent? Live in your own apartment, learn to ride the bus to the mall, better manage finances?


Need someone to share about any problems you face? We can work with you on day-to-day problems through individual and/or group sessions to help you meet your goals.

Job Development & Placement Assistance

Looking for a job? Through contracted services with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) we can offer an even larger variety of employment services. We can help you find a job, type a resume, learn interview skills, and so much more…

Community Education

Invite us to give a Deaf Awareness Training or TTY training or attend one of our many workshops on a variety of issues. You can even suggest a topic for future workshops, and we will consider it!

Information & Referral

We have a large collection of local, state, and national resources about deaf events, summer camps for deaf children, colleges, social service agencies, and much more! Looking for specific information about anything you need? We can help you find the right resources!