Management Team:

Executive Director – Michelle L. Bronson
Services Personnel Director – Harvey Bradley
Project Director – J. Parrish Lewis (Based in South Valley Outreach)
Educational Services Director – Susan Coulter
Accountant– Paul Barnett
Office/Human Resources Manager- Colleen Coletti

Employment Development Department (Fresno, CA)

EDD Employment Specialist – Viridiana Alvarez
EDD Staff Interpreter – Jane Datsko


Fresno Headquarters (Fresno, CA)
E-MAIL info@dhhsc.org | Front Desk VP: 559-578-4117 | OFFICE INFO

Client Services Specialist – Shelley Stout
Client Services Specialist – Candice Goodie
Client Services Specialist – Joelene Spires
Client Services Specialist – TBA
Interpreter Coordinator – Kimberly Glenn
Staff Interpreter – Razonda Munyaradzi
Staff Interpreter – Sharon Renee McPherson
Staff Interpreter – Jenny Quaintance
Literacy Specialist – Lisa Painter
L.E.A.D./ASL Program Instructor – Joshua Blanco
Accounting Assistant/Resource Specialist – Cathy Murphy
Building and Events Attendant – Eloise Rivera
Public Relations/Outreach Specialist – Alexander Sanborn
Communication Specialist – Delmy Rosales

South Valley Outreach (Visalia, CA)
E-MAIL: svinfo@dhhsc.org | VP: 559-302-9820 | OFFICE INFO

Client Services Specialist –¬†Kayla Gonzalez

Merced Outreach (Merced, CA)
E-MAIL: minfo@dhhsc.org | VP: 209-230-9910 | OFFICE INFO

Client Services Specialist – Angelica Medina-Boersma
Client Services Speicalist – Stacy Gainok

Central Coast Outreach (Salinas, CA)
E-MAIL: ccinfo@dhhsc.org | Voice – 831-753-6540 | OFFICE INFO

Coordinator of Client Services – Wayne Johnson
Client Services Specialist – Krystal Rios-Harris

September 2019 Staff Anniversary

Sharon McPherson (Top Left 9/12/2014)
Viridiana Alvarez (Top Right 9/17/2019)
Susan Coulter (Center 9/2/2000)
Krystal Rios-Harris
(Bottom Left 9/1/2015 2nd & Final Attempt)
Jane Datsko (Bottom Right  9/9/2014)