Board Members

Current Board Members

Janice Smith-Warshaw, Ed.D.


Deaf, Director of Deaf Studies at Fresno State University

Member since December 2015

Lynn Toschi

Vice President

Hard of Hearing

Member since November 2016

Serena Johnson, Ph. D.


Hearing, Assistant Professor at Fresno State University

Member since May 2017

Patty Parker

Deaf, Retired Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Fresno County Office of Education

Member since March 2018

Steve Longo

Deaf, Retired

Member since November 2018

Lavina Espinosa

Deaf, Active Community Member

Member since November 2018

Trisha Houston

Deaf, Academic Lecturer at Fresno State University for Deaf Education/Deaf Studies

Member since November 2018